Welcome to VR Ad Service

Before applying for an advertising ID, make sure you are registered as a Viveport developer, and if you are not already a developer, sign up at the following URL.

Become a developer

How to start

Step 1: Check and confirm you want to join VR Ad Service Program.

On the page of "Program Opt-ins", please select "I want to opt-in to the VR AD Service Program"
Please note once you select to join VR Ad Service Program, all of your free apps would be automatically put on the list which can be used to integrate VR Ads.

Step 2: Set the program to free.

Go to "Distribution and Price" to set the program to free and save.

Step 3: Start creating VR Ad

Go to "Ad setting" page, and select "Create New Ad"

Step 4: Choose different types of ad for your app

Here, you can apply video ads to a loading scene, an in-app scenario, or an end scene. The current type of scene ad is as follows

AD Type
Loading Scene
Big Screen Video
3D Model AD
Mixed AD
In App
2D Placement
3D Placement
End Game
App Recommended

Step 5: Copy the Ad ID and position ID

You can copy test ID to preview your AD during development process. By the time you’re ready to release the app migrated with VR Ad SDK, please remember to make sure you already replace test ID with Ad ID and Position ID in SDK