ViveportSwitch tool

For developers who want to develop for the Arcade program, you can use this tool to simulate Arcade mode in your computer, and integrate VIVEPORT SDK in the Arcade mode.

  1. When you upload your title, opt-in to the VIVEPORT Arcade Program by checking one of the options in the VIVEPORT Arcade Program section.

  2. Download and install the VIVEPORT SDK from the Download page

  3. Unzip the package and find the ViveportSwitch.exe tool.

  4. Open the ViveportSwitch.exe tool and select VIVEPORT Arcade, then click the Switch button.


    The modes for the tool you can switch to:

    VIVEPORT Desktop: General SDK interface

    VIVEPORT Arcade: Arcade mode SDK interface

  5. After switching to VIVEPORT mode, the VIVEPORT service will be restarted. You must re-launch VIVEPORT on your desktop before continuing development.

  6. When needed, please use the ViveportSwitch.exe tool and select VIVEPORT Desktop to return to VIVEPORT mode.



Q: What do I do if I get an error message “Service VIVEPORT was not found on computer” when I use the ViveportSwitch tool to switch environment to VIVEPORT Arcade mode?

A: Please download the Latest VIVEPORT SDK and use the ViveportSwitch tool inside, and try again.