Vive version

  1. Before using the VIVEPORT AirSig package, you must install SteamVR first. Open Asset Store in Unity and search for SteamVR then download/import it.
  2. Once SteamVR and VIVEPORT AirSig are both imported, you need to:
    • Drag AirSigManager prefebs (under Assets/AirSig/prefebs/) into your Scene.
    • Copy everything from Assets/AirSig/StreamingAssets to your Assets/StreamingAssets
    • You can check the video of installation process.
  3. Before you start using AirSig function, you have to call AirSigManger’s SetMode API to indicate which function you want to use when player triggers gestures. Setting to Mode.None means turning off AirSig function which is default. The basic lifecycle of using a AirSig function is:
    • Call SetMode to indicate which function is going to use.
    • Player triggers data input from the vive controller.
    • Get result from callback.
  4. The plugin automatically collects data when player hold down the trigger (Can be defined using API or Unity Editor) and identify when player release.

How to use the demo scene

  1. Open Main.unity from Assets/AirSig/Demo Scene/
  2. Copy everything under Assets/AirSig/StreamingAssets/ to Assets/SteamingAssets/
  3. Hit the play button.

You can check the video of Demo Scene.