Integration with Unreal Engine

This part will help you to integrate your Unreal Engine content with the VIVEPORT platform.

Create or Import Your Content into Unreal Engine

The VIVEPORT SDK is available for Unreal Engine, you need to import your content into Unreal Engine to use the SDK.

As VIVEPORT SDK can run on the Android platform, make sure you already know how to set Unreal Android build environment and package apk.

Download and Install the VIVEPORT SDK

Download and install the VIVEPORT SDK from Download Latest VIVEPORT SDK.

Install the VIVEPORT SDK into Unreal Engine

The VIVEPORT SDK provides a library and example for Unreal Engine in the zip format.

  1. Create Plugins folder in the root of your project.

  2. Extract the Unreal Engine plugin into the Plugins folder.

  3. Start the Unreal Engine editor.

  4. The following dialog box will show. Click No to enable VIVEPORT SDK plugin.

  5. Then, the following dialog box will show. Choose Yes to build the Editor.

  6. When in editor, select Edit > Plugins > Project > Online System to check if this Unreal Engine plugin is enabled.

  7. Refer to these Android SDK Settings. (Android)


Integrate the VIVEPORT SDK into Your Content

After you installed the plugin, you can use the ActorComponent that the Unreal engine provides. Currently the VIVEPORT SDK provides six ActorComponents named VIVEPORT Api Demo, VIVEPORT Arcade Session Demo(Windows only), VIVEPORT IAPSubscription Demo, VIVEPORT IAPurchase Demo, VIVEPORT User Demo and VIVEPORT User Stats Demo.

  1. Click Add Component button in the Details panel to choose VIVEPORT Api Demo.

  2. Run this project by clicking the Play button in the Toolbar and wait a few seconds. You should see log printed on the screen. This means that the plugin package works, and print out some result. (If on platform Android, you shoud select Launch, then choose your device)


Setting up Unreal to work with SteamVR (Windows)

  1. Use the SteamVR plugin

  2. Select VR Preview

  3. After add VIVEPORT IAPurchase Demo, you can see the payment information in the display inside the HMD