This section assumes you know the hardware requirements and features of the Vive Hand Tracking SDK. Please read Vive Hand Tracking SDK Overview section before this section.

Install Plugin

Vive Hand Tracking SDK provides an Unreal plugin as a zip package. Follow the steps below to install the plugin in your project:

  1. Unzip the zip package in the root folder of your Unreal project.
  2. Rebuild your C++ project files. The plugin modules and source code will appear in project explorer.
  3. In your Unreal editor, open Plugins Editor from Window -> Plugins menu. Enable Gesture plugin in your Editor.

The API is currently in Experimental status, only Windows support is included. Android support is coming soon.

Setup Windows Machine


SteamVR disables camera by default. This means a fresh installed SteamVR cannot use Vive Hand Tracking SDK without manual setup. See Camera Setup in SteamVR for how to setup SteamVR and check camera availability before using Vive Hand Tracking SDK.

  • Make sure OpenVR is enabled as current VR.
  • SteamVR plugin is required for the plugin to function.
  • The library DLL requires Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime 2015
  • Make sure to test camera frame rate in SteamVR settings before start application.

Using Sample Level

Before using sample level, make sure your project can work with SteamVR.

  • Follow official tutorials how to setup your camera.

  • Alternatively, plugin provides AristoGestureGameMode and AristoGesturePawn which you can use in ProjectSettings -> Map/Mode Menu.



To use gesture plugin in a new level, just drag AristoGestureProvider (with a AristoGestureComponent) into the map editor. You also need to replace Editor startup map with your own map.

Please refer to the sample level in the plugin or API Reference for how to start/stop detections and get results. All the required steps are provided in the sample blueprint.