Integration with Unity

This part will help you to integrate your Unity content with the VIVEPORT platform.

Create or Import Your Content into Unity

The VIVEPORT SDK is available for Unity, you need to import your content into Unity to use the SDK.

Download and Install the VIVEPORT SDK

Download and install the VIVEPORT SDK from Release Notes

Install the VIVEPORT SDK into Unity

The VIVEPORT SDK provides a library and example for Unity in the unitypackage format.

  1. Start the Unity editor and select Assets > Import Package > Custom Package…

  2. Browse to the folder that contains viveport_sdk_unity.unitypackage, select it and click Open.

  3. Make sure the checkbox of the components of “Plugins” and “Viveport” are checked and then click Import.

  4. Make sure the platform settings on your Inspector window are correct.

Windows x86 platform:


Windows x64 platform:


Android platform: