Migrating from Viveport Scene SDK 1.0 to 1.1

  1. Make a backup of your current project
  2. In File Explorer delete the old SDK folders (shown below). This cannot be done from Unity. Make sure none of your assets are in the folders.
    • Htc.Viveport.SDK
    • SDK
    • SteamVR
    • Vive-Teleporter
  3. Open your project and load your scene
  4. Import ViveportSceneSDK.unitypackage
  5. Delete your existing Navmesh game object, as well as any cameras you may have added for debugging
  6. Drag ViveportSceneSDK/Prefabs/[Viveport Scene Sdk] into your scene at (0,0,0)
  7. You can now click Play to test your scene directly from Unity!