Supported Hardwares

Current supported operating systems include Windows and Android.

Available OS and VR Devices

  Windows (x86-64) Android (ARMv7, ARMv8)
VR Devices
HTC Vive
HTC Vive Pro
HTC Vive Foucs (WaveVR)
Android Phones
Hardware Requirements NVIDIA / AMD VR Ready GPU Snapdragon 810 or better
Software Requirements
OpenCL (for GPU acceleration)
Enable camera in SteamVR settings
Minimum SDK is Android 24
Camera permission is granted
Compuatation Backend GPU
CPU (Single core)

Notes for Windows

  • Gesture detection uses OpenCL for GPU acceleration. Please make sure you have installed latest driver for your graphics card.
    • This includes driver for your Intel iGPU, since NVIDIA driver sometimes does not install OpenCL correctly.
    • A quick check is to make sure C:Windowssystem32OpenCL.dll exists and is valid.
  • SteamVR disables camera by default. This means a fresh installed SteamVR cannot use Vive Hand Tracking SDK without manual setup.
    • See Camera Setup in SteamVR for how to setup SteamVR and check camera availability before using Vive Hand Tracking SDK.
    • This need to be done on PCs of developers and end users.
  • It might take more than half a minute for internal setup on each machine, if Gesture is run for the first time. The setup is only needed once and subsequent launches should start very quickly.

Notes for Android

  • CPU backend is recommended on Android devices to leave entire GPU for VR rendering tasks.
  • Different binaries are provided for Android phones and HTC Vive Focus, due to different ways to fetch camera frames, i.e. NDK Camera2 API vs. WaveVR_Camera API.
  • ARMv8 version is preferred over ARMv7 version, for better detection speed and enery efficiency.
  • The app must be in landscape left orientation.

Detection speed

FPS of Vive Hand Tracking SDK for different modes are listed in the table below. Speed on Windows and Android phones may vary due to actual hardwares.

Platform 2D Point 3D Point Skeleton
Windows 60 40-60 25-30
HTC Vive Focus 30 17 X
Andoird phone (ARMv7) 25-30 X X
Andoird phone (ARMv8) 30 X X