Integration with C#

This part will help you to integrate your C# content with the VIVEPORT platform.

Create an empty C# project in your Visual Studio 2015

  • You can create an empty C# project in your Visual Studio 2015.

Copy settings into your project

  • On SDK csharp demo project:

  • Enter the folder “viveport_sdk_demo_csharp”.

  • Replace SDK sample code (Program.cs) with the one in your empty project.

  • Add the settings below from viveport_sdk_demo_csharp.csproj into your project file “(.csproj)” by using a text edit tool.

    • Copy belows to the <Reference Include> part.
    • Copy belows to the <Import Project> part.

Reload your project and rebuild

  • Open Visual Studio 2015 again, and you will see the reload dialog box, please press the “Reload” button.

  • Then press “Rebuild” and you can run your demo application.