Integration with C++

This part will help you to integrate your C++ content with the VIVEPORT platform.

Create an empty C++ project in your Visual Studio 2015

  • Create an empty Visual C++ project in your Visual Studio 2015, and name “viveport_sdk_demo_cpp”:


Copy sources and settings into your project

  • Enter the “viveport_sdk_demo_cpp” folder of VIVEPORT SDK:

  • Copy the necessary files to the project folder you just created:

  • Remove the empty source file viveport_sdk_demo_cpp.cpp from your project folder and use the demo sample code program.cpp as your main program file.

  • Copy the 5 settings below from viveport_sdk_demo_cpp.vcxproj to your project file “(.vcxproj)” by using a text edit tool.

1.For Windows 32 bits release environemnt:


2.For Windows 64 bits release environemnt:


3.For Windows 32 bits debug environemnt:


4.For Windows 64 bits debug environemnt:


5.For necessary source and header files:


Reload your project and rebuild

  • Open Visual Studio 2015 , and you will see the reload dialog box, please press the “Reload” button, and “Rebuild” your project.

  • If you get errors below, please add #include “stdafx.h” into the Program.cpp and VIVEPORT.cpp